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New architecture and design museum


Architecture and design are an integral part of Finland’s identity. Both have played a significant role in producing sustainable solutions for society and in building an egalitarian welfare state. Finnish architecture and design deserve a home, that is internationally attractive, a home that invites people to experience something new, to participate in discussion, opening new perspectives on history, the present and the future.

Why a new architecture and design museum?

From its very beginning, the Finnish society has been developed through architecture and design. Architecture and design have put Finland on the world map. Today, architecture and design play key roles in boosting the competitiveness of our economy, as well as contribute in developing education and healthcare. The cultural significance of the design industries is immeasurably valuable to the nation. 

The new museum will be a hub for unique content, expertise and learning. It will offer a platform for Finnish design and architecture as well as international dialogue. The museum will be an open place to everyone, inviting communities to spend time and engage. Its programs and services will generate genuine experiences and insights. Ethical and ecological approach will form the foundation of all activities of the new museum.

To whom?

The new museum will offer experiences and insights for locals and visitors of all ages. In the museum, thinking is combined with making and remembering with creating something new. For design professionals, the museum will be a hub for meetings and discussions, both locally and globally. For businesses, the museum offers the opportunity to create something new and be part of a design success story. The world’s best new architecture and design museum inspires to look at the world through the eyes of a designer: everything can be done differently, everything can be done better.

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The museum as part of Helsinki

Proximity to the sea has always been a key element in Finnish architecture and design’s realationship with nature. The new museum will be situated next to Helsinki’s seafront, in the South Harbor’s Makasiininranta district. Together with the Market Square and the re-development of the area, it will be part of a lively, open and walkable city centre, with restaurants, maritime outdoor activities and events.

An international quality and concept competition will be launched for the design of the Makasiiniranta area, with the aim of finding solutions for its development. The implementation of the new museum will be decided at a later stage, for which a separate architectural competition will be organized.

More information about the Makasiiniranta competition: makasiiniranta.hel.fi

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New streering group

Designing a new architecture and design museum is a journey towards the museum of the future. In March 2021, the Ministry of Education and Culture and the City of Helsinki set up a joint steering group to prepare and guide the establishment of a new architecture and design museum. Timo Laitinen, Director General of the State Treasury, has been invited to chair the steering group, and Kaarina Gould has been appointed Project Director. The current phase of the project follows initial studies carried out out in 2018–2020 by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the City of Helsinki and the Foundations for the Museum of Finnish Architecture and the Design Museum.

Broad funding base

A new foundation will be established for the museum, that will aqcuire the collections of the existing museum foundations. An endowment of at least 150 million Euros will be raised for the new museum foundation, of which the Finnish state and the City of Helsinki would each contribute 60 million Euros. A minimum of 30 million Euros will be raised from private sources. The Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation, the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Svenska kulturfonden have conditionally committed to the capitalization of the museum with a total of 24 million Euros, which is an exceptionally significant contribution in the Finnish context.

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More than the sum of its parts

The new museum will merge two existing museums. The current facilities of the Museum of Finnish Architecture and the Design Museum do not allow for attractive and internationally competitive museum operations. The merging of the two museums creates synergies, and the new museum concept and building allow a framework for a contemporary programme of activities and ancillary services. The central, maritime location, open setting, inviting building and attractive programs will make the museum a destination. Utilizing new technologies, the museum will also reach out to audiences around the world.

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Join us to build the new architecture and design museum

Building the New Architecture and Design Museum is a process and a journey to a new type of concept of a museum. Your views and dreams of the New Museum are important for us and we hope that You will join to the discussion and planning with us. Leave your contact information and greetings and we will keep you posted.

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